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Published Date : 2021-08-06 05:07:54


Runtime : 2 hr 28 Min

Release date : 06/08/2021 in Theatres

Genre : Action, Romance, Drama

Cast : Kiran Abbavaram, Priyanka Jawalkar, Saikumar, Srikanth Aiyyengar, Tanikella Bharani

Music : Chaitan Bharadwaj

Story, Screenplay, Dialogues : Kiran Abbavaram

Editing, Direction : Sridhar Gade

Producer : Pramod

SYNOPSIS : Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram) is a college student who spends time with his group of friends. He loves Sindhu (Priyanka Jawalkar) for three years but she doesn't show the same feelings towards him. Apart from this, he wants to bring the glory back to his grandfather's 'SR Kalyanamandapam' which was completely ruined under his father's (Saikumar) mismanagement with whom he has stopped talking for years.

He returns back to his hometown to take over the family’s kalyana mandapam. Will he ever be able to repair the fractured relationship he shares with his father Dharma (Sai Kumar) and wins Sindhu's (Priyanka Jawalkar) Love is the crux of the story.

STORY : The film is set in Rayachoty of Kadapa district. Kalyan (Kiran Abbavaram) is a happy go lucky youth who is in neck deep love with Priyanka Jawalkar. Kalyan has an ego issue with his dad Dharma (Sai Kumar) and has not spoken to him in the last ten years. Dharma is addicted to alcohol and craves his son’s love. Kalyan renovates the function hall and restarts Kalyana mandapam business. Sindhu gets engaged and her marriage is supposed to happen in Kalyan's function hall. Rest of the movie is about how Kalyan solves his relationship with his father and how he gets his business back into going.

PERFORMANCES Kiran Abbavaram got a lot of confidence after his first film and it can be seen clearly in 'SR Kalyanamandapam'. This is his second film, but he has shown a lot of ease in expressions and pulled off delicate emotions effectively. Sai Kumar shows his experience in the role of a father. He shows the mark in the climax sequences. Priyanka Jawalkar didn't have much scope to perform except looking glamorous.

TECHNICAL DEPARTMENTS : The major plus point of 'SR Kalyanamandapam' is the music by Chaitan Bharadwaj. His 'Choosale Kallara' and 'Chukkala Chunni' songs attract the crowds. The film has some good visuals and the small town set up has been showcased well. Coming to the director Sridhar, he has done just a passble job. His Editing was not good. Hero Kiran Abbavaram himslef has written Dialogues, Story and Screenplay for this film. He has written lot of elevation scenes for his character but lot of dialogues were over and routine.

ANALYSIS SR Kalyanamandapam begins as a love story but it slowly becomes about the hero and his father’s relationship. The love story is just icing. This film is more like a talent show of Kiran Abbavaram to prove his other skills like writing apart from acting. Saikumar's characterization lacks clarity. He is shown as a man without any sense of responsibility throughout the movie and the hero stops talking to him but the hero delivers an emotional speech about his dad at the end of the movie which will take your head to a spin. Entire first half of the film focuses on the hero trying to impress his classmate, his banter with his friends, the hero’s attitude, and some entertaining episodes. film has an emotional core in the final portion. The Second half focuses on Father-Son relationship. The Core issue of why the hero stopped talking to his father is handled well. The father-son element is the main highlight. 

The predictability of the story and the lack of depth in direction is a big issue. Kiran Abbavaram's screenplay is the film's biggest letdown.The love track or the emotional thread with his father doesn't have any sort of emotional depth which leaves no room for the audience to get connected with the characters. Small details were neglected in the film. The film happens to be running in present age, but KHUSHI theatre episode of FDFS doesnt sync with the narrative. Pellikoduku track with the heroine didn't go well. 

SR Kalyanamandapam” suffers from a lot of issues, but the main drawback is inconsistent narration. On the whole, SR Kalyanamandam is a father-son story with a good backdrop. Kiran Abbavaram's One man show.

FINAL VERDICT : SR Kalyanamandapam ends as a Time pass watch for the songs and some good emotions in the second half.

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Irrfan Khan Back in Mumbai City

Urvashi Rautela Stands With Boney's Dignity

Ramya Krishna to be paired up alongside Big B

Netflix's 'Delhi Crime' in the legal soup: Police SHO claims fabrication

Pooja Hegde bags two projects in B' Town

PVP opens up about rift with Shruthi Hassan

Jeevitha, Rajasekhar, and anchor Shyamala join YCP

Kangana's Shocking Comments on Alia-Ranbir

Pooja regrets doing that film

Allu Arjun Completes 16 Years, Here's His Reaction

Rahman To Launch Avengers Song in Hyderabad

RX100 Remake gets a Title

Ranbir to play a dual role in Shamshera

Kangana demanded huge paycheck for Jayalalitha biopic

Sara to be paired with Varun for the classic remake

Teja Showers Compliments on Payal

Star hero denied rumors about his political entry

Netizen's comment made Sunny cry

"I knew that RGV made a biscuit film," says Gayathri Gupta

Naresh seeks support from Krishna and Mahesh

Tamannah's horror comedy flick gets a release date

Kaushal to support TDP in upcoming elections

Shahid spills some beans on Kabir Singh

Alia gives a fitting reply to Kangana's comments

Nagma reveals about her love life

Saif Ali Khan Replaced Abhishek Bachchan

John Abraham wants to be Abhinandan Varthaman

Vicky Kaushal to portray freedom fighter Udham Singh

Ranbir's magnum opus' logo revealed

Irrfan Khan totally recovered from cancer

Bollywood heroine petrified with a stalker

Shah Rukh & Akhsay to do a remake

Netizens slams star kid over her photo shoot

Renowned artists perform at Ambani's pre-wedding bash

Why Tamannah is Doing Item Songs?

Kangana's Sister Fires on Karan Johar

K Raghavender Rao Feeling Fans' Pressure from Fans

Decent pre-release business for Lakshmi's NTR

Kalyan Ram: It was tough to control her

Salman Unites With Bhansali After 2 Decades

Raai Laxmi's shocking comments on MeToo

Ajay Devgn's sports biopic

Kangana Ranaut on her Biopic

'Journey' Hero to become a Superhero

Another important casting for 'PM Narendra Modi'

Pulwama Attack: Celebrities Contributions

Team 'Total Dhamaal' announcement regarding Pulwama Attack

It is 'Azad Kashmir': Kamal Haasan

RGV helping Mahanayakudu publicity!

Is Priyanka Chopra pregnant?

Gully boy registers good openings

Kangana Ranaut working on her own biopic

Salman Khan eyes south Indian market

Manoj Joshi will be seen as Amit Shah

'Gully Boy' rapping on good hype & Buzz!

Anurag Kashyap confirms 'Saand Ki Aankh'

Ranveer Singh opens up on Takht

Shriya's Voice Against Fairness Creams

Nithya Menen Debuts into Digital Space

Anasuya's Happiness About 'Yatra'

Pooja Hegde: Prabhas20 has a really challenging script

Allu Sneha's witty reply to Allu Arjun's cute post

Salman to remake a Korean flick

Rohit Shetty to produce Farah Khan's film

Fan tries to enter Akshay's house; gets arrested

Celebrities Pulls Adivi Sesh's Leg on Twitter

Priyamani to make her comeback in Tollywood

'Siddiqui' siblings come together for 'Bole Chudiyan'

Salman to do another flick with Sooraj Barjatya

Another record by 'F2'

Anirudh prepares an emotional album for Nani

Sai Dharam Tej to do Pawan's film

Mahesh not willing to take any risks now

Vijay Sethupathi to be paired with Shruthi Hassan

Thala receives a special Letter!

Shraddha Srinath to act with Ajith

Amy Jackson locked her wedding destination

Akshay's next film is not a remake

Gopi Chand is remaking Salman's film?

Poor reviews pour in for AD remake

Rakul pins hope on Karthi

Bollywood baddie for Issmart Shankar

Decent start for Akkineni hero

Venky stands second after Chiru

Saif set to star with his daughter

Nani to venture into production yet again?

Surya heaps praise on Bollywood movie

Karan Johar apologises for Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul episode

Case filed on Shilpa Shetty family

Naga Chaitanya to be a part of Soggade sequel

Decent pre-release business for Mr Majnu

Rajini's daughter to get married in Feb

Disha Patani gets trolled for a small mistake

Interesting poster of upcoming film 'Gumnaami'

Sushant Singh Rajput to play 'Inspector Ghalib'

Akshay Kumar has a busy year ahead

Mahesh's uncle to join TDP in February

Re-release for Pawan Kalyan's flop movie

Kangana worked on par with Krish

Posani's biopic on Jagan?

AR Rahman doesn't mind his exclusion!

Prithvi to become a villain in Trivikram film?

Swara Bhaskar talks about her experiences with sexual harassment

Thala Ajith to do two films for Boney Kapoor!

Ranveer and Varun to remake old classic

Salman's Bharat teaser to be out on Republic Day

Sneha heaps praise on Charan

Anasuya's interesting role in political film

Resul Pookutty gets a rare honor

The noted Tamil actress makes Telugu debut

Deepika to star in 83?

No remuneration for Nutan Naidu in movies

Dangal Girl to be paired up with SRK

What is Ali trying to do?

Trivikram ready to help his friend again

Emraan Hashmi paves way for Nawazuddin

Vachinde breaks Kolaveri record

Manikarnika To Have a Telugu Release

Raashi Khanna starts well in Tamil!

Will Rajni factor suit Telugu audience?

Vinaya Vidheya Rama's censor date is fixed

Vinaya Vidheya Rama faces more trolls!

Rajni movie lacks respect!

Sai Pallavi turns out to be "kind-hearted!"

Kapoor brothers pinning hopes on Vijay Devarakonda

Temper remake minting big money

NTR Trailer hits 10 Million Views

Renu Desai Becomes Brand Ambassador

Kiara Advani's scorching pose goes viral

Balayya extra cautious with his son

Star couple got engaged four years ago

Ajith Scores a Century Before Release

Adivi Sesh reveals Bollywood plans

Prabhas to don two getups in his next film

Tough road ahead for Peta distributor

Hanu narrated this love story with conviction - Sharwanand

I feel lucky and humbled - Sai Pallavi

Major buzz-kill for Maari-2

Aditi Rao says that Anthariksham took a toll on her body

Murugadoss opens up about his film with Rajinikanth

Legendary director lashes out on Bollywood

Telangana government establishes a new record

All is now well between Katrina and Deepika

#Metoo initiator to head back to the US

When Pawan refused to host a popular show

Balakrishna Locks Director for his Next

No heroine for Karthi

Commercial cinema - Time to introspect

Tamanna goes de-glamorous yet again

Odiyan breaking records in pre-release business

TRS takes Earth-shattering lead, Prajakutami struggling

Versatile actor on board for Ravi Teja

Anirudh disappoints Superstar fans

Raavan Combo Back On Screen?

Rajinikanth Gives Him The Second Chance

Chiru to work with Nayan again?

Legendary Director's Son On Board for NTR Biopic

'Kedarnath' stay petition declined by High Courts:

Audience wants to have the experience beyond theatres: Rana Daggubati

Bellamkonda Inspired From Legendary Actor

Koratala charging 20 crores per film

Rajamouli's son to have a Bahubali-esque marriage

Talented Actress's First Look Gets Negative Response

Priyanka thanks Modi for attending her Wedding Reception

Murugadoss opened up about Rajni film!

'Sammohanam' Girl Turns Singer

Kajal revealed her Araku secret

Naga Chaitanya meets star writer for advice

Why is Rakul adamant on weight loss?

Karthikeya Spends Less For His First Project

Sexy siren to romance Mahesh again

Anasuya quashes rumors regarding her career

Tamannah confident about making a big comeback

Rajni-Murugadoss film to be a political thriller?

Isabelle Kaif all set to make her debut

Bluff Master on December 28th

Will crowded December 7th affect 2.0 at BO?

Rajini has a tough Fight ahead

Dil Raju Plans Special Screening of 2.0

Balakrishna, the sole producer of NTR's Biopic

Acclaimed Director Narasimha Nandi announces his next film

Mahesh Babu Calls 2.0 A Gem

Successful Hero's Wife Diagnosed With Cancer Again

Amar Akbar Anthony closing share: Utterly Utterly poor

Satires on Vijay in 2.O?

Vishal Adopts a Village In Tamilnadu

Silk Smitha In Shakeela biopic

Producers Awaiting Balakrishna's Decision

False Rumours On Superstar Health

Gopichand to pair up with his 'Lucky' Director

Comedians as Crew

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya take a trip to 90's

With #2point0 , Indian Cinema will rise to International standard says Rajinikanth

Balayya in confusion about Mokshagna's launch

Rajamouli Keen On Keeping Promise to Mahesh Babu

Rajamouli's Son Bets High On Aakasavani

Film Flopped But Ileana Pocket Filled

Akshay To Work With Shankar Again?

Star Director's Contribution for Taxiwala Success

Nithiin Testing Luck With Yeleti

Geetha Govindham Success Continues

Controversies saving this Tamil hero?

Rakul To Romance B-Town Actor

US market: All eyes on Taxiwaala, no takers for AAA

Drastic Change In Natural Star

Maharshi reaping profits already

Vijay Anthony seems to have not change at all

Rajamouli ready to bring in another R for RRR

Veteran Actress Eyeing for a comeback

Will Kajal bring luck to this big budget hero?

Where is Gopichand now?

Telugu Bachelor fails to impress audiences with dating!

Vijay Anthony film runs into controversy due to Sarkar!

Can Tamanna bounce back?

What do you think Samantha do before signing a movie?

Can 2.0 recover huge costs in Telugu states?

Superstar to turn producer

Chiranjeevi Showers Praises On KCR

Bollywood Director's Telugu Flick Gets A Title

Mahesh is not leaving Sukumar this time

Vijay Devarakonda's Director Grabs Shocking Deal

Harish Will Join Congress In A Month ?

Why Deverakonda Film Postponed For A Day?

Re-shoots soared the budget of 'Savyasachi'

Finally, Shankar broke his silence about Rajamouli

Mahesh shifts to a village

First Mahesh, then Charan, now Allu Arjun

Mahesh Babu made money, what about Nani?

Jr NTR is following Aamir Khan

Why Did Rakul Reject #RC12 Offer?

#MeToo Reaction: Arjun Files Defamation Case

Drunk & Drive Hattrick For Popular Producer!

Will RGV shed bad light on CBN?

Aravinda Sametha' is yet to reach the breakeven.

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